Colt 1911 Silencer Adapter

Colt 1911 Silencer Adapter
Colt 1911 Silencer Adapter Colt 1911 Silencer Adapter
Brand: Cybergun
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Thread adapter for the addition of a silencer on the Cybergun 1911 series, OEM'd by KWC. Suitable for the 100th Anniversary model, BW1911R2, and the Rail Gun series (as well as the KWC SIG P226 X-Five, provided it has the inner threads of course!).

It has a 12mm thread for the barrel side, and the industry standard 14mm CCW thread for accessories.

Included in the packet is a thread protector, for when you're not using a silencer, and don't want the exposed thread look (and are similarly too lazy to remove said adapter)!

As small a part as this piece is, it is nicely put together in that they've thought of the user! How? Well the adapter is counter threaded; the adapter and silencer screw in different directions preventing you from over tightening. Now, as thoughtful as this is, it is also infuriating - as you screw on the silencer, the adapter becomes undone. A beautifully elegant and simple solution was reached - drill a hole through the adapter and allow you to us a small screwdriver/bar through so you can tighten it sufficiently in the barrel!

Please note that silencers will not have any positive effect on the noise profile of most replicas, however they do look impressive which is the main reason people use them!

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