Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01 (UG)

Ares Amoeba Striker AS-01 (UG)

For a long time the airsoft sniper rifle market was dominated by the VSR-10 series, and with good reason. They are undeniably good. However, Ares exploded onto the scene with their original AS-01 Striker. This rifle is sleeker, more modern, and has some interesting features that make you question whether the crown still belongs to the VSR!

Manufactured by Ares, the Amoeba striker series have superb bodies - the plastic feels great in the hand, and really is best in class. There is no cheap sheen, and it feels rock solid. It is a spring powered rifle, however the bolt is short stroked, so you don't have to pull it back as far affording faster follow up shots, as well as making it easier to keep your eye on the target.

Once cocked, an indicator shows you that it's ready to fire.

Without a doubt the most striking (see what I did there?) feature of this rifle is its shape - it is more visually interesting than the likes of the plain Jane VSR, especially the magazine. The big chunky magazine holds 45 BB's, and is much easier to find in pouches or combats etc. It has a top-down adjustment for the hop, via allen key, making it very responsive. Best of all, Ares have hidden allen keys in the grip of the gun making sure you always have them on you.

The striker is more than a gun - it is a system. There is a whole host of parts available, including bigger (and smaller) magazines, silencers, silencer adapters, different bolts, etc. Internally it runs off AEG springs, and is quite quick to change the spring. Barrel and hop up wise, it utilises the tried and true VSR system

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Sniper Rifle Specification
Length 1085mm
Weight 2.5kg
Power <1 Joule
Fire Mode Bolt Action
Power Source Spring
Mag Capacity 45 BB's
Colour Grey
  • Brand: ARES
  • 22027-AZ
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €235.00
  • Ex Tax: €191.06

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