Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 Gold Match

Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1 Gold Match

The Tokyo Marui Hicapa is a staple of their pistol line up, and for the longest time was considered the gold standard. Although in recent years more modern models have displaced the Hicapa 5.1 from its pedestal, it is still an exceptional gun.

And then there's the Gold Match, which takes everything about the regular hicapa and turns it up to 11! Nicer finished, from the compensator cuts accenting the beautiful gold barrel, to the sights and trigger.

The ABS plastic used in its construction is durable, whilst the grip sits snugly in your hand. As this is gas powered, the plastic slide helps keep the weight down and makes it more gas efficient. The hicapa magazine is wider, allowing for more gas, further aiding performance.

To facilitate the wider magazine, the frame is a durable polymer grip with metal internal frame. Manufactured by Tokyo Marui, these guns are a joy to shoot thanks to the strong blowback, and incredible range and accuracy.

The Hicapa 5.1 Gold Match is a full size 1911/2011 - you get the wider grip, and full length slide. The grip retains the straight hammer spring housing, and more refined beaver tail safety. The full length spring guide and gold conical outer barrel help separate this from some of the competition, as it looks awesome when shooting. The only downside is it's nearly too nice to use in a game!

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type 134a/Green Gas
Blowback Yes
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 31 BB's
Length 222mm
Weight 0.894kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Black & Gold
Hop up Adjustable
  • €209.00
  • Ex Tax: €169.92

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