CYMA M870 Sawn-Off (Metal)

New -10% CYMA M870 Sawn-Off (Metal)

This replica of the infamous M870 shotgun is manufactured by CYMA, however a much more compact and practical variant - the sawn-off! This shorty shotgun is in tactical black, and combined with the Magpul-inspired MOE-style pump action.

The pistol grip is comfortable, and easy to hold, improving the traditional ergonomics. You also have a shell holder included as standard (please note, this replica includes 3x shotgun shell).

This shotgun is a tri-shot spring powered, pump action beast. Each time you rack the pump you load three BB's each into their individual barrel, and cock the pistons. Once pumped, the gun will not allow you to pump it again - so if your pump action is ever 'stuck', point it in a safe direction and give the trigger a good squeeze!

One of the coolest features of this design, is their shell-fed appearance. One shell holding 30 BB's is loaded into the breach, lasting 10 pulls of the trigger before you need to reload. As such, it functions as a magazine, however it has been cleverly designed to look like a shotgun shell, which is a nice touch.

These guns are best suited for CQB, as despite having three individual barrels & piston assemblies, they have not been built with max range in mind.

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Shotgun Specification
Length 630mm
Weight 1.90kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 30 BB's
Fire Mode Tri-Shot
Power <1 Joule (circa 300 fps 1/0.20g BB)
Power Source Spring
  • Brand: CYMA
  • 27479-AZ
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