Armorer Works (EU-Series) Drum Magazine

New Armorer Works (EU-Series) Drum Magazine

This absolute unit of a magazine effectively turns your sidearm into a primary. You have a massive amount of gas stored in the reservoir, and a capacity of 350 BB's, giving you rifle-grade capacity!

No longer are you counting BB's from the sideline, wondering if you can make a difference. Now you can sprint full-force into the thick of it, guns blazing, with reckless abandon! It also helps if you're using something like the SSP18 (or EU18) where you've got full-auto!

Manufactured by Armorer Works, this magazine has been designed for the EU Series of guns e.g. Novritsch SSP18, Raven EU 17/18 etc, WE, and Vorsk EU-series pistols. It is also compatible with the KJW KP-13 series. Based off the Tokyo Marui EU17 magazine design, this has a high compatibility with airsoft EU-series replicas, however as it was designed with the SSP18 in mind, it is worth checking fitment out.

This magazine is incredibly easy to use - turn it upside down and fill with gas. Due to the size of the reservoir, it does take a long time to fill, so be sure to listen to the inlet valve as you're filling to hear when it cuts out. A normal magazine takes 10 seconds, this will take approximately 60 seconds for a full fill. To load with BB's, slide open the trap door on the side, and pour your BB's in. Wind on the mag to allow for more BB's to go in.

This is a manual winding magazine, as there is no additional space for batteries/motors etc. All available space is used for gas and BB's! To be honest, you won't care - you'll be too busy blasting on full auto with reckless abandon!

Magazine Specification
Gun Type Pistol
Magazine Type Gas
Magazine Capacity 350 BB's
  • €149.99
  • Ex Tax: €149.99

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