Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU (Springfield Armory)

Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU (Springfield Armory)

Let's cut to the chase on this one - Tokyo Marui (TM) are universally regarded as the pinaccle of pistols in the airsoft world. They work, and work very well. Their 1911 series is in effect the rule itself, rather than any exception.

As you would expect, the construction is high quality ABS plastic. This makes the gun more gas efficient, and also partly why they work so well in the colder weather. The grip is plastic, and features superb looking trademarks. The markings are not authentic, but that is only obvious upon close inspection. At glance, or from a distance they look like the Marine emblem, which lends to the gun's superb look. But they not only look good - the grip is comfortable and textured so that it does like the name suggests; grips.

This pistol features authentic Novak trademarks on its replica rear sight, further adding to the appeal of this particular model. But all of that is rather superfluous! This pistol is so sought after because of how it shoots, rather than what it looks like. It is an incredible performer, regarded as a laser pistol due to its unparalleled accuracy and range. It is a utility pistol; ambidextrous safety, single action light trigger, cocking serrations on the slide, and soft hop up rubber as standard.

As it is a more modern 1911, there are some nice features - round-type hammer, straight hammer spring housing, ambidextrous safety, tactical rear sight & stainless tri-hole trigger. Under the hood you have TM's high-performance 1911 - thin-style magazine, double stacked BB's (28 rds), and high quality valves as standard. You should be emptying your magazine on one fill of gas virtually year-round (except on the coldest of days), which makes it the skirmishers choice!

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type 134a/Green Gas
Blowback Yes
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 28rds
Length 220mm
Weight 0.8kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto (Single-Action)
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • €209.00
  • Ex Tax: €169.92

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