Tokyo Marui Smith & Wesson M&P9L Ported

Tokyo Marui Smith & Wesson M&P9L Ported

 The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 (Military & Police 9mm) pistol is a thing of beauty; renowned as a piece of modern engineering, and revered for being a striker-fired pistol that's not a Glock! This replica manufactured by Tokyo Marui, and that brings with it heaps of quality! The polymer used on this piece is fantastic; the gun sits comfortably into your hand, moreso when you select the most fitting backstrap! As this is a TM pistol, it is entirely plastic, but you won't care the moment you gas it up and pull the trigger!

This is a gas powered replica, so to load the magazine you fill it from a gas canister (hold both it and the gas can upside down), and then load it with your BB's. Rack the slide to chamber a BB & cock the gun's internal hammer, and you're ready to go - the gun will fire with each pull of the trigger until empty!

As you would expect this model has an adjustable hop up allowing you to get even more accuracy & range out of your gun. Simply remove the slide, and slide the cog back towards the BBU (blowback unit), reassemble and test. Remember to only adjust in small increments to avoid jamming up the gun.

This is the long version, so called as it's modelled after the 5" version. The top slide is ported, which on the real steel promotes greater control, however here it simply lightens the slide (and makes it look damned cool)! At the rear of the slide you'll notice it's ready to use with TM's microprosight (sold separately), just in case you want to transform it into an IPSC beast!

As on the real steel version, this pistol has changeable back straps allowing you to customise the gun to better suit your hand size. Simply remove the magazine, twist the end cap & remove the retainer; the back strap will now hinge off. Replace the strap with your chosen size (Small, Medium or Large), and away you go! The gun comes with 3 backstraps, and generally the Medium one is the most applicable.

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas TypeGreen Gas
BlowbackGas Blowback
Mag Capacity25 BB's
Fire ModeSemi-Auto
Hop upAdjustable
  • Brand: Tokyo Marui
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