Cybergun X5 Target (Metal)

New Cybergun X5 Target (Metal)

Shooting at targets is one of the simple pleasures, but unless you have something to aim's pretty empty!

Usually targtets are considered a consumable; shoot them until they've degraded and replace, however that often leaves BB's rolling around the floor (or decorating the ground). This target is constructed out of metal, and is significantly more durable. Designed to withstand the pressure of air guns, this model will last a long time with airsoft guns.

Please note that due to the stronger nature of airguns, direct hits from airsoft guns will not cause the target to flip down. That said, you can tell you've hit them thanks to the distinct noise!

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Target Specification
Size 320mm x 145mm x 180mm
Material Metal
Type Automatic Flip-up
  • Brand: Cybergun
  • 603426
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €39.99
  • Ex Tax: €32.51

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