Tokyo Marui VSR10 Pro (Black)

Tokyo Marui VSR10 Pro (Black)

Tokyo Marui are regarded as the best in airsoft, for good reason. They have traditionally been the innovators, whilst everyone else copies their designs en-masse.

This is their most popular sniper rifle design; the VSR-10. It is a classic rifle shape, and this variant retains the full length barrel (complete with iron sights). Please note that it does not have a scope rail fitted, so to mount a scope you will need to purchase a mount.

The VSR-10 is quiet, accurate, and has unprecedented aftermarket support - it is the most commonly used system, so parts are easy to come by.

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Sniper Rifle Specification
Length 113cm
Weight 2.09kg
Power <0.95J
Fire Mode Bolt Action; Single Shot
Power Source Spring
Mag Capacity 30rds
Colour Black
  • €239.99
  • Ex Tax: €195.11

Tags: 740-AZ, tokyo marui, TM, VSR10, Sniper Rifle