S&T IMI Tavor TAR-21 (OD)

S&T IMI Tavor TAR-21 (OD)

The TAVOR TAR-21 is a world famous assault rifle in the bullpup configuration, which means it loads the magazine behind the trigger. This design has the benefit of having a longer barrel for better accuracy/consistency whilst keeping the rifle shorter and more compact than say an M4 with the same barrel length. Greater maneuverability whilst keeping the same range, accuracy & consistency.

This particular replica is manufactured by S&T, and is easily one of the nicest looking/feeling on the market. The gun's receiver is primarily plastic (just the same as the real steel), and it feels sublime - the weight is spot on, and it feels durable. The gun features a microswitch trigger for impressive trigger response (far superior to the sliding contact system of TM-spec AEG's), as well as the fantastic renowned "quick spring change" system that made ARES famous.

Like the real steel, this gun takes STANAG magazines - so all of your TM-spec M4 magazines will fit and feed no problem in this rifle! It is a spectacularly nice rifle, that feels extremely comfortable and has impressive handling capability. It is a lot slimmer than the 'big-boned' F2000, and lends itself beautifully to both CQB and open field play.

This rifle does not include battery or charger

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Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Proprietary
Length 690mm
Weight 2.5kg
Manufacturer S&T
Colour: OD
Mag Capacity: 300rds
Power: <1J
Recommended Battery 9.6v Mini
  • Brand: S&T
  • 8662-AZ
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €219.99
  • Ex Tax: €178.85

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