Anti-Reversal Latch (V2/V3)

-10% Anti-Reversal Latch (V2/V3)

The anti-reversal latch is a small part in your gearbox that prevents the gears from unwinding when under tension. As the gears turn, the latch locks in on small grooves in the bevel/umbrella gear preventing it from backspinning.

Sometimes this part can break, causing your gun to perform & sound ghastly. This replacement part is manufactured by SHS and constructed out of steel, this piece is much stronger than the factory standard. Included with the AR latch is a replacement spring, which is more rigid than many China clone AEG's improving the feel of the gun. If the spring is weak, when you release the trigger sometimes the gear can just push the latch out of the way due to it not locking off in time.

Replacing the AR-latch requires the disassembly of the gearbox, and can be quite tricky. Taking your time is absolutely essential, as if you rush it you can end up having other parts move out of place, and create a whole new headache for you.

  • Brand: SHS
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