SHS G36 Cylinder Head (V3)

SHS G36 Cylinder Head (V3)



The cylinder head is the part that goes between your cylinder & air nozzle; the piston sends the air through the cylinder, out the cylinder head & into the nozzle propelling the BB. Over time the seals aronud the cylinder head can recede and/or dry out, causing an air leak.

Air leaks cause the gun to lose power and consistency, which negatively affects your performance. If your old cylinder head becomes damaged, or if you have an air seal problem, then your best bet is to replace your cylinder head to improve your seal.

This cylinder head from SHS is constructed out of high quality aluminium, and is fitted with a shock absorbing pad on the bottom to decrease wear and tear on the gearbox shell. For best results we strongly recommend sticking within the same brand of parts for all air seal components (where possible), as the tolerances are tighter and generally speaking you will see performance gains.

Please note that this particular part is for V3 gearboxes and is only for G36 series of guns. Fitting this part requires disassembly of the gearbox, so if you are unsure then seek the aid of a professional!

Upgrade Parts - Air Seal
Gearbox TypeV3
Suitable forG36
Build MaterialAluminium
  • Brand: SHS
  • Product Code: GT0023
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €10.00

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