SHS MP5 Metal Air Nozzle

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The air seal is arguably the most important part of your airsoft gun, as it is largely responsible for the deviation in shots. If you have an air leak then the power and volume of air changes, making it very hard to predict what your gun will do. If you're looking to improve the consistency of your gun, then I would definitely start with the air seal.

One of the biggest culprits of a leak is the air nozzle, either between nozzle & hop up chamber, or between the cylinder head and nozzle. Over time parts wear down, dry out etc which can reduce the quality of your gun's air seal. If this happens the best thing to do is to replace the air seal components, doing your best to use the same brand (where possible), as the tolerances are much tighter.

This particular air nozzle is for the MP5 series of guns, and as always given the nature of upgrade parts please note that they may require modifying/fitment, as there are minor differences and deviations across the different airsoft manufacturers.

Upgrade Parts - Air Seal
Gearbox TypeV2/V3
Suitable forMP5 series (MP5, SD6, MP5K etc)
Build MaterialAluminium
  • Brand: SHS
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