SHS Neodymium High Torque Motor (Short)

SHS Neodymium High Torque Motor (Short)


SHS came onto the scene with style in the parts world - they started slow and gradually established themselves as a force to be reckoned with thanks in part to their superb quality, and fantastic price.

Their series of motors are among the best on the market today, especailly for Ireland. Although the Lonex A2 is a faster motor, it is in effect too fast for the Irish power limits, and require you to fit stronger springs and then short-stroke gears & piston, whereas the SHS High Torque motor is a drop in fit.

The motor is wound for torque/acceleration, and has an overall top speed greater than the G&P M120. This is down to the fact that it uses neodymium magnets as opposed to the antiquated ferrite magnets in the G&P M120. They are stronger and more efficient. Not only that, but the SHS High Torque motor has a steel pinion gear fitted as standard, making it much harder wearing than many other motors out there.

As this motor runs faster than a stock setup (typically speaking 24 BB/sec on 18:1 gears with 7.4v lipo), your batteries will run out a little quicker due to the fact that the gearbox is cycling more times per second.

Upgrade Parts - Motor Specification
Torque/SpeedHigh Torque
TypeShort Shaft
Suitable forAK-Series, G36C, SIG 551/552 etc
  • Brand: SHS
  • Product Code: DJ0006
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €54.00

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