SHS Piston & Piston Head Set (15 Tooth)

SHS Piston & Piston Head Set (15 Tooth)

The piston assembly comprises of the piston body, piston head, and piston head O-ring. The gears pull the piston back, and the spring sends it forward which sends a puff of air down the cylinder causing the gun to fire.

Over time the piston can wear and damage...teeth become worn or broken, or even shredded. Similarly the piston head O-ring can dry out and/or perish, or you can be woefully unlucky and have the piston head detach & deform.

This set from SHS is a replacement of your standard piston & piston head, and replaces them with a 15 tooth (standard) metal rack piston, and metal non-bearing piston head.

Upgrade Parts - Piston Sepcfication
Build MaterialPlastic body & Metal rack
  • Brand: SHS
  • Product Code: NBJ005
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  • €17.00

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