SHS 15 tooth (metal rack) Piston

-10% SHS 15 tooth (metal rack) Piston



The piston is one of the primary mechanical parts of your gearbox - it is the part responsible for sending the necessary puff of air through the cylinder to fire a BB.

Typically the piston body is made out of polycarbonate, and has a metal rack for the release tooth. On this particular model the piston has a steel tooth rack, with no plastic teeth at all for improved durability. This makes the piston perfect for high stress builds, particually ROF (rate of fire upgrades). Manufactured by SHS out of polycarbonate and steel, the quality of this piston is superb!

Over time the piston can become worn, damaged or even broken (i.e. teeth stripped off). If that happens then unfortunately it means that your gun won't fire, and it's time to replace the piston.

Installing a new piston will require the opening of the gearbox, and unless you're upgrading the piston head as well then you'll need to port over your old piston head onto the new body. If you're at all unsure, we would recommend getting it done professionally.

Upgrade Parts - Piston Sepcfication
Build MaterialPlastic body & Metal rack
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