Lonex V2 Switch Assembly (Rear)

-10% Lonex V2 Switch Assembly (Rear)


The switch assembly comprises the trigger contacts, sliding contact, wiring to the battery and wiring to the motor. Over time the spade connectors on the motor can snap and need replacing, or the trigger contacts can carbon/burn up rendering the gun inoperable. If this happens then it's time for a new switch assembly!

Lonex's wiring sets are renowned for their low resistance and superb build quality (particularly on the contacts & housing), making them first choice for many gun techs. This is the rear wired switch for V2 gearboxes i.e. MP5, M4, M16 etc.

The rear wired switch assembly routes the cables out the back of the gearbox (as the name implies), though it is important to remember that the cable on these sets is pretty short - almost as soon as the gearbox shell ends you have the male tamiya connector, so depending on your gun you may need to extend the wires.

Replacing the trigger contacts can be tricky, so be sure to take your time.

Upgrade Parts - Triggers & Assemblies
Gearbox TypeVersion 2
Suitable forM4/M16, MP5 (SD6, A5 etc)
Wires IncludedYes
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