SHS Solid Oil-less Bushing (6mm)

-10% SHS Solid Oil-less Bushing (6mm)



Your bearing/bushing size is determined by your gearbox shell, so if you've got a 6mm shell and are looking for bushings, these are for you! These 6mm bushings are manufactured by SHS out of steel for improved durability.

Installing new bushings is a simple enough matter, though you will need to disassemble your gearbox completely. These bushings will add a new layer of durability to your gun as there are less moving parts, so one less thing to go wrong. Particularly for the size, as smaller bearings can collapse more easily.

These are best suited for durability builds, or high stress builds due to their increased strength over bearings.

Upgrade Parts - Bearing/Bushing Specification
Build MaterialSteel
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