Gate Aster V3 (Rear Wired)

Gate Aster V3 (Rear Wired)

Following on from the success of the Titan, Gate released the Aster to fanfare!

Much like the Titan, the Aster is not simply a new trigger - it is far more than that. You get a complete overhaul of the trigger system. There is no trigger contacts, no micro-switch...nothing mechanical. Instead there are optical sensors ensuring excellent reliability.

The GATE Aster is jam-packed full of features:

  • Binary Trigger
  • Optical Sensor System
  • Programmable via trigger pulls or via Gate Control Station (through your phone/computer)
  • Simulated Reload (interrupt after 30 shots there is a 3sec delay)
  • Pre-cocking
  • Sniper Delay
  • ROF Control
  • Cycle detection (ensuring your AEG finishes a full cycle every time)

There are three different firmware editions of the Aster; basic, advanced, and expert. This is the basic version - the hardware is all the same, so if you ever want to unlock more features, simply log on to GATE's website, key in your serial number and you can purchase firmware upgrades.

Upgrade Parts - Triggers & Assemblies
Gearbox Type V2
Suitable for M4/M16
Wires Included Yes
  • Brand: Gate
  • AST2-BMR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €79.99
  • Ex Tax: €65.03

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