MicroProcessor SMART Charger (NiMH/Lipo/LiFE)

MicroProcessor SMART Charger (NiMH/Lipo/LiFE)

A good charger is one of the most essential pieces of kit in airsoft - it keeps your batteries charged and in good health! You don't need to be concerned about whether your batteries are only half charged, or have to keep close watch - it removes the thoguht and allows you to do other more important things, like accessorise your rifle! On top of that a good charger actually helps keep your batteries lasting longer both in overall lifespan, and time between charges.

This Smart charger is micro-processor controlled, and works for the vast majority of airsoft batteries. You don't need to have dedicated chargers for each type of battery, which is always nice! Similarly it is popular because of the level of control it offers; you can charge your batteries at lower current to get longer life out of them, or if you're in a hurry you can fast-charge them and have them ready much quicker! With this charger you can use:

  • LiPo (Lithium Polymer)
  • LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • LiIon (Lithium Ion)
  • pB (Lead Acid)
  • NiMh (Nickle Metal Hydrid)
  • NiCd (Nickle Cadium)

In the box you have a few different leads; power lead, tamiya connector, Denas/T-Connector, and Crocodile Clips (should you wish to run it off an external battery).

Operation of the charger is relatively simple; there are three buttons and a small screen. Plug in your power lead, insert your chosen connector set i.e. deans or tamiya, and connect your battery. To choose battery type on the charger simply hold down the button marked "TYPE/STOP"; hold the button down to move one step. When your chosen battery type comes up, press the button one more time (short press) to confirm selection. Next you choose your amperage/charge current. The next two buttons are "INC/DISP" and "DEC/START"; use these to choose your desired charge current.

Your batteries should be charged at 1C to get the most out of them. Some batteries, especially some higher quality Lipos, will have printed on them that they can be charged at faster rates e.g. 3C or 5C etc. however even they should still be charged at 1C in order to get the longest possible lifespan out of them. So what is 1C, and how do you apply it? It's simple - divide your battery's mAh (milliamp hours/milliamps) by 1,000 and voila, that's your charge current e.g 1600 mAh = 1.6, 1300mAh = 1.3, and 800 = 0.80 etc. Remeber that 1C is the max - charging it at less will make them last longer, however it takes a bit more time.

Charger Specification
Battery TypeLiPo, LiFe, pB, NiMh, NiCd, LiIon
Current0.1 - 4.5A
Connector TypeDeans/T-Connector and Tamiya
  • Brand: GFC
  • Product Code: GFLADB350
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  • €49.00

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