Swiss Arms Automatic Charger (8.4-9.6v) NiMh

Swiss Arms Automatic Charger (8.4-9.6v) NiMh


This automatic smart charger from Swiss Arms is for 8.4v and 9.6v NiCd/NiMh type rechargeable batteries. It has a mini tamiya connector, though can charge large-type batteries using an adapter (sold separately), and with a charge current of 1500mAh this compact charger can fully charge your batteries in under 2 hours.

As a Smart charger it features delta peak detection - when your battery is fully charged, it peaks at a higher voltage. The charger keeps an eye out for this peak, and once it's detected it switches to a trickle charge ensuring that when you plug out your battery it's ready to use!

To make things even easier this Swiss Arms charger has LED indicators to say when it's charging (green flashing), and when it's full (solid green). Anything to make life easier is always appreciated, especially when it helps give you more life out of your batteries - no risk of overcharging! A good charger is essential for getting the most out of your gun. Inferior chargers can diminish the capacity & performance of your battery pack, in turn affecting your gun. We strongly recommend chargers with automatic cut off at a minimum, as once the battery is full they switch to a trickle charge to avoid damaging the battery's cells.


Charger Specification
Battery TypeNiCd, NiMh
Current1500mAh; 5-25mAh (trickle charge)
Connector TypeMini Tamiya
  • Brand: Swiss Arms
  • Product Code: 603363
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €33.00

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