Nuprol Lower Mesh Mask (OD)

-10% Nuprol Lower Mesh Mask (OD)

Running around playing airsoft can be a lot of fun - decidedly less fun however is getting shot in the face, especially if you're left with a dentist bill for a chipped tooth! Why take the risk? Use a high quality lower mesh mask to protect your teeth, and improve your comfort whilst playing.

Manufactured by Nuprol, these masks are extremely well made. These are not your average masks - the fabric is glued in place using high strength adhesive and double stitched to ensure the trim does not simply peel away, unlike some cheaper alternatives. Out of the packet the masks are quite flat & straight, and do require a bit of contouring to ensure you get the most out of it. It is not a highly involved process - just bend the mask around your face; that's it!

Thanks to the double strap this mask stays securely in place, and can also help with keeping your goggles firmly on. It is advisable to wear the strap at the top of the head as this pulls the mask up & in, limiting the range of movement of the mask ensuring you stay protected!

Mask Specification
CoverageLower face
Build MaterialSteel
  • Brand: Nuprol
  • Product Code: 6031-OD
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €24.00
  • €21.60

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