Stocks, Rails & Mounts

Stocks, Rails & Mounts

Rail kits, Scope Mounts, Stocks and related accessories

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APS Glock Carbine Kit (Black)

Make your sidearm your primary with the APS carbine conversion kit. This kit is designed to turn you..


ASG M-Lok Rail Segments (3 Pack)

Got an M-Lok handguard? Want to mount a standard accessory to it? No problem, ASG have you covered w..


Tri-Rail Scope Ring (25.4mm & 30mm)

High profile scope ring for any 25.4mm (1") or 30mm optic. Sold individually, each scope ring comes ..


AK47 Top RIS

 Attaching optics to the AK style rifles requires one of two types of mount, depending on wha..


AK74 Top RIS

Attaching optics to the AK style rifles requires one of two types of mount, depending on what type o..


DBoys M4 Folding/Extending Stock

One of the best things about the M4/M16 series of guns is the ability to change out virtually every ..


NineBall MK23 RIS Adapter

Ever want to trick out your MK23 with something other that the stock LAM unit? Well Nineball's got y..


Nuprol RIS Riser Mount

Since in airsoft you need to wear some degree of person protection equipment such as glasses, goggle..


Swiss Arms 45 Degree Mount

The Swiss arms 45 degree mount (also referred to as an offset mount) is a utility block for building..


Swiss Arms QD 25-30mm Scope Rings

Ring mounts (x2) SWISS ARMS Quick remove Multi-Rails /C502 mounts per pack..


ASG G36 Handguard Rails

Enhanced handguards and rail kits can be quite expensive, especially if you don't need all of the fe..


Cybergun M4 Carry Handle Mount (RIS/RAS)

The M4//M16 series of rifles are one of the most customisable assault rifles ever created, and one o..