Magpul CTR Carbine Stock (BK)

Magpul CTR Carbine Stock (BK)

When you think of nice stocks on M4's or M16's, typically speaking most people conjure up images of Magpul's many stocks. But one stands out from the crowd more than any other...the Magpul CTR stock. This peared back skeletal style stock does everything an adjustable stock should, but in a more intuitive ambidextrous way...whilst simultaneously looking great.

It is extremely utilitarian, and an excellent feat of design. The adjust lever is inside the stock, protecting against accidental depression. It also avoids it from getting snagged on anything. The buttpad is rubber providing a superior grip over plain plastic, as well as making it more comfortable. There is ample space on the stock for the addition of a sling - you can mount a QD sling swivel on either side of the stock, or simply loop a sling through the many cut-outs on the stock.

Installation is a dream - remove the old stock by pulling down on the lever to slide it off. Then slide on the CTR stock as far as it will go - pull down the locking bar to slide it on (easiest thing is to use a flat head screwdriver between lever & bar to give extra lift), and voila! If you are unsure always seek the aid of a professional just to be safe.

The CTR stock uses a friction locking system - when you adjust the stock into position, you can lock it off to further reduce wobble. Please note that the effectiveness of the friction-lock depend entirely on your stock tube, as there is a lot of variation across the different models and manufacturers.

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Stock Specification
Gun Type M4/M16
Length 133mm
Colour Black
  • Brand: ACM
  • Product Code: M51616140-BK
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €19.00

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