Invader Gear Belt Holster

Invader Gear Belt Holster

This belt holster from Invader Gear is a simple, but effective design.

Suitable for right hand side only, this setup will work for a wide range of pistols. Please note that larger framed guns are unlikely to fit (e.g. MK23, Desert Eagle etc) or pistols with accessories mounted.

On the holster you have 1x spare magazine pouch, allowing you to carry more of the essentials without adding to the bulk you're carrying around. The retention on the magazine pouch is velcro, as is the belt attachment; you simply lift up the velcro, secure it over your belt, and close the flap down, and use the additional velcro securing strap to keep it firmly in place.

For the pistol itself, the clasp is a plastic clip, keeping the noise profile down for the draw, allowing you to get the drop on the OpFor

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