ACM EOTech 552 (Tan)

-10% ACM EOTech 552 (Tan)

The EOTech style sight is one of the most famous, and damn cool looking!

Rather than a simple dot reticule, it has a holo-sight style reticule - dot in the middle, surrounded by a circle, allowing for easier target acquisition.

Powered by 2x AA batteries (sold separately), this optic is extremely easy to mount on your rifle. Simply loosen the thumb screw, slot into position, and tighten it back up. Battery compartment offers fast-access - simply lift the lever, and the battery compartment can hinge out. Operation of the sight is controlled by the three buttons on the back. Press the right arrow to turn it on, both arrows (bottom buttons) to turn it off, and the middle button toggles between red/green. The arrows when used independently, raise and lower the brightness, allowing you to configure the sight exactly as you want it, as well as dealing with the conditions i.e. ramping up the brightness when outdoors in the sun, and driving it down when inside so it doesn't give your position away.

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Optics Specification
Type Red Dot
Battery AA
Magnification N/A
Adjustment Windage & Elevation
  • Brand: ACM
  • GFA-10-001017-00
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