Master Mike

Master Mike

Fresh from all the controversy surrounding Airsoft Innovations' 40 Mike, comes their new and improved iteration - the Master Mike. Bow down before your new 40mm Pain-train Master!

So what's different? Well, everything!

Airsoft Innovations heard your cries - they have made the Master Mike smaller, making it compatible with even more launchers! They've reduced the speed of the BB's from 240fps down to 220fps, as well as reducing capacity down to 100 BB's. The pay off? More spread (10ft spread at 20ft range; total effective range is 60ft). In other words, less BB's, less power, and more spread out - everything people were asking for out of the 40 Mike!

As with its bigger brother (40 Mike), the all new Master Mike is a MOSCART type grenade, designed to be a useful addition to your airsoft gun. Although not attaining the same range as the 40 Mike, the Master Mike is not to be scoffed at - it shares the same design principles as its bigger brother, only giving less concentrated BB streams!

When you pull the trigger on the Master Mike, 100 BB's come out in one go, each BB clocking in at a respectable 220fps (using 0.20g ammo). Now that speed might not sound impressive, however there's 100 of 'em...and going down range fast!

Powered by Airsoft Innovations' Quantum Drive technology, the Master Mike is everything you need - all aboard the pain train!

  • €69.99

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