Sig Sauer P226 (Black) HPA Metal Slide (Spring Pistol)

Out Of Stock Sig Sauer P226 (Black) HPA Metal Slide (Spring Pistol)


The SIG Sauer P226 pistol is one of the most popular airsoft guns in Ireland, especially due to its use with the Gardaí armed division. This particular replica is a spring powered manually cocking gun; you need to pull back the slide for every shot. Racking the slide cocks the piston and loads a BB into the chamber.

The pistol's removeable magazine holds 24 BB's, and is loaded by hand or via a speed loader (sold separately). The best BB's to use are 0.20g, as anything heavier will damage the gun, whilst lighter BB's just don't have the stability/mass for consistency.

As part of HPA range of spring powered pistols this gun is accurate, reliable and powerful, and is constructed out of metal and ABS plastic. The slide is metal while the frame is a comfortable textured plastic.

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Spring Pistol Specification
Mag Capacity24
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