Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptor

-10% Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptor

Did you know green gas is propane? Cleaner, and nowhere near as bad smelling...but under the hood, it's exactly the same. Only difference is the container - airsoft gas is ready to use, whilst propane requires an adapter.

This kit allows you to fill your GBB magazines with propane, which can save you in the long run. We would strongly recommend only using propane when you're in a well ventilated area.

Completely reuseable, and compatible with virtually all gas guns (provided its rated for green gas). This adaptor works for both propane and computer duster gas, so if you need to go lower-pressure it's completely adaptable (see what we did there?)

Thanks to the soft-sealing plastic tip, the brass magazine fill valves are protected whilst filling. In the event you damage the nozzle, the adaptor kit comes with a repair tip.

Be sure to use the maintenance oil at the required intervals (only 2 drops for every 10 magazine fills) to keep your guns in tip-top shape. 

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  • €22.50

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