ACM XM203 Grenade Launcher (Long)

ACM XM203 Grenade Launcher (Long)

Grenade Launchers are damned cool - there is just something bad-ass about the look, even if they're not the most practical things in the world (in airsoft terms).

Effectively operating like a single-shot underslung shotgun (albeit with a lot of BB's), they give you a blaze of glory to go out in! Or, in MilSim, they can disable vehicles, and clear rooms with ease.

Modelled after Madbull Airsoft's XM203 design, this slim-line sleek M203 grenade launcher attaches directly to RIS/RAS rails, and is operated by three buttons; 1x to release the breach, and allow you to load a grenade up to 12.5cm long, one for the safety catch, and the other to fire!

The push button trigger is responsive, and changeable - you can adjust it for a lighter/faster firing. Best of all, as there are a lot of different grenades out there, with varying designs for the core, this launcher has a high success rate of firing without modification (unlike many of the traditional 40mm launchers)

This launcher does not include an M203 grenade

Grenade & Launcher Specification
Length 235mm
Mounts RIS/RAS Only
Colour Black
  • Brand: ACM
  • BD0051
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €49.99
  • Ex Tax: €40.64

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