Colt M4A1 Plastic with Retractable Stock (Spring Powered)

Out Of Stock Colt M4A1 Plastic with Retractable Stock (Spring Powered)


The Colt M4 carbine is a gun most people recognise from the popular video games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield etc, and from most modern action movies. It is an iconic gun, still in service with the US Army today. The assault rifle is based off of its longer predecessor the M16, sharing the vast majority of parts making it extremely economic for Military & Police application.

In airsoft however it just means that the gun looks fantastic! This particular model is spring powered (i.e manually cocking) so every time you want to fire a shot you have to pull back the charging handle to cock the piston and load the BB. Constructed out of plastic this gun is nice and lightweight, and is a superb replica for those just looking to plink away at a few targets.

The stock is extendable for a more comfortable shooting position, making it a fantastic choice as each person can find the best position whether they have long/short arms.


Budget Rifles
Mag Capacity300
TypeManually Cocking
  • Brand: KWC
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