Covid Masks

Covid Masks
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Helikon Balaclava -10%

Helikon Balaclava

Lightweight and breathable balaclava for basic face coverage and protection. Thanks to the usage of ..

€9.99 €8.99
Ex Tax: €8.99
Barrier Snood (Colours Available) -33%

Barrier Snood (Colours Available)

The most essential face covering is the one you have with you, and the Barrier Snood is the ideal so..

€15.00 €10.00
Ex Tax: €10.00
Blaklader Cotton Re-Usable Face Mask (5 pcs) -47%

Blaklader Cotton Re-Usable Face Mask (5 pcs)

This 5 pack of washable 3 layered cotton and polyester masks are probably the best available on the ..

€19.00 €10.00
Ex Tax: €10.00
Kombat Tactical Snood -10%

Kombat Tactical Snood

The tactical snood is an extremely useful accessory in the fight against Covid. Useful also as a sca..

€6.00 €5.40
Ex Tax: €5.40
Kombat UK Shemagh -10%

Kombat UK Shemagh

Shemagh scarves are fashionable, and extremely practical.These are well made from Kombat UK, and dur..

€10.00 €9.00
Ex Tax: €9.00