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Are airsoft guns legal in Ireland?

In Ireland airsoft guns are legal provided they fire at under 1 joule of energy. If that sounds confusing, don't worry - it just means that the guns are all limited to the same power over here. So if you're buying Irish, there's nothing to worry about. However if you're buying elsewhere, just be sure that the gun fires at less than 328 fps with a 0.20g BB.

They are classified as RIF's (Realistic Imitation Firearms) in law as opposed to toys, so they cannot be used in public. Private property is fine (as long as it's out of public site/access) e.g. your house/garden, however the best place to use them is on dedicated land i.e. skirmish sites and target ranges set up specifically for airsoft.



How powerful are airsoft guns?

There is a maximum power of 1 joule for airsoft guns in Ireland, however the vast majority of them will be firing under this limit. Generally speaking the guns will fire at 0.90J (310 fps w/0.20g BB), and reach a distance of circa 40m. It's not enough to break skin under normal use, and getting shot is like a very powerful flick (in a small concentrated area)...so it stings, but that's all!

Please remember that Eye/Face protection must be worn at all times when handling/using an airsoft device. Even a slight impact can damage your eyes, and you'll need them to check out all of the airsoft goodness on our website!



Do airsoft hits hurt?

Everyone's definition of pain differs, so yes & no. Getting hit stings, but it doesn't last long. The power limit in Ireland was set at 1 joule because of its safety - it's not enough to break skin, or cause an injury etc, but is just enough to let you know you've been hit.

In fact a lot of the time you won't even feel it, but rather will hear the noise and know you've been hit, particularly in the outdoor arenas. The BB's get lost in the fabric of your clothes, or hit the tac-vest/chest rig etc.

Please remember that Eye/Face protection must be worn at all times when handling/using an airsoft device.



What do I need to get started?

We recommend starting out with an AEG (Auto-Electric Gun) rifle with a couple of spare magazines, spare battery, decent charger, good eye & face protection, BB's and a rifle bag. You can buy more as you go on such as tactical gear, accessories for your rifle, side-arm etc. You can even start with less e.g. AEG & eye protection, however to get the most mileage out of the gun you are better with the gun, spare battery & charger, magazines and a bag to store it all in.



Ok, you've convinced me...how can I pay?

That's what we like to hear! You can pay for your new found hobby in a myriad of different ways - cash (in-store only), credit card (online & in-store), Paypal, Postal Money Order, Cheque*, and Gift Voucher. Unfortunately we do not accept first-born children as payment!

*Please call us on 01 456 8518 to arrange any payment with Cheques



Ok, I've paid - how will I get my order?

Click here for information on delivery costs & times


Warranty - The nitty-gritty

Your new purchase should provide you with countless hours of enjoyment, especially if well looked after. However sometimes there can be problems such as manufacturing defects etc so should you be unfortunate enough to experience any issues, your gun is covered. Budget rifles & pistols (i.e. spring powered) and Gas Pistols are covered for 1 month from date of delivery, and AEG's and Sniper Rifles are covered for 3 months from date of delivery.
Click here for information on Returns & Warranty



Do you have a retail showroom? If so, where?! I need to see this...

Never fear - we do of course have a bricks & mortar showroom. In fact we have two! Hobby Airsoft has a branch in Ireland's two major cities; Dublin & Cork. They are open to the public year-round and open 7 days a week. 


Unit 3B
Ballymount Retail Centre
Upper Ballymount Road
Dublin 24
Ph: (01) 456 8517 / 456 8518


Unit 4a
Kinsale Road Business Park
Kinsale Road, Co. Cork
Ph: 021 425 0100
















I've received my airsoft gun - what do I do?

In the case of an AEG, the first thing to do is charge your battery. Depending on what battery & charger set up you have, this can take as little as 30 minutes, or up to 5 hours. Once your battery is charged, connect it up to the rifle and insert it into the battery compartment. Load up your gun's magazine using only high quality BB's (poor quality or re-used BB's will damage & break your rifle), wind up the magazine & away you go!

For spring powered guns all you have to do is load up the magazine; no waiting for batteries to charge!

Gas & Co2 guns require you to either fill up the magazine from a gas cannister, or for you to insert a disposable 12g caplet into the magazine (depending on the gun) before it will fire. Then it's the same as the above - load it up with high quality BB's and shoot away!

If you need any assistance with your new purchase please feel free to contact us




Why has the packaging on my airsoft gun been opened?

In Ireland the legal power limit for airsoft guns is 1joule. Any airsoft gun that operates over this 1joule limit is classified as a firearm, and cannot be legally held without a licence.

To ensure compliance with Irish law and for your peace of mind we test the power of your airsoft gun before it is shipped to you. To do this we sometimes need to remove shrinkwrap/open the packaging on your new airsoft gun.



The packaging on my airsoft gun says that it fires at over 1joule/328FPS. Does this mean that my gun is illegal to use in Ireland?

Airsoft is a huge sport in many countries all over the world. Different countries have different laws and power limits, some higher than here in Ireland.

Packaging on certain models of airsoft gun may display a power rating for other markets (eg: France) that is higher than 1joule. Don't worry! Any airsoft gun purchased from Hobby Airsoft is guaranteed to fire under the Irish legal limit of 1joule.


How long should I charge my battery for?

Unfortunately this is very much a "How long is a piece of string?" question, and the only answer is "until it's fully charged".
It all depends on what battery and charger you have.
Any battery/charger that comes free with a rifle are quite basic, typically only 1100mAh batteries and chargers without automatic cut-off - these typically take between 3 and 5 hours, however you need to time them as the charger does not stop automatically.

With a smart charger (i.e. one with delta peak detection, or automatic cut off) it takes less time, but also means you can leave it charging safe in the knowledge that once the battery is full, the charger turns off.


What BB's should I use?

You should use the best possible BB's for your guns for a couple of reasons -
1.) The higher the quality of BB, the less problems you have, especially with jams etc.
2.) The BB is the first part of getting range & accuracy out of your gun - it is what you're firing, so you want that to be as consistent as possible.

Poor or low quality BB's (usually yellow/orange/blue in colour) tend to have seam lines, uneven surfance, and odd densities caused by air bubbles, which makes hitting your target almost impossible!

We recommend Swiss Arms BB's as they are finished to a high standard, evenly polished, no air bubbles and are precision made measuring in at 5.95mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.5%



What does FPS mean?

In airsoft terms FPS (feet per second) is a measure of the speed at which the BB's are travelling when they leave the barrel of your airsoft gun. Ireland has a legal power limit for airsoft guns of 1 joule, which translates as a 6mm 0.20g BB fired from a gun at a speed of >328fps



What is "hop up"?

Hop up is the name given to the system in which airsoft guns achieve their range. A small piece of rubber surrounds the barrel, and as the BB is fired through it applies back spin. The back spin lifts the BB allowing it to go further at the same power. If you're trying to visualise that it's helpful to picture an aeroplane taking off!

Hop ups are generally adjustable i.e. you can control how much lift you get, although on some guns they are fixed (in other words non-adjustable). As you increase the hop-up on your gun, the space that the BB has to pass through becomes narrower. If you turn the hop-up to its maximum setting you may find that BBs get jammed in your barrel. 



What magazine fits my airsoft gun?

Although there is some cross compatibility, generally speaking only magazines for your specific gun type will fit. This is especially true with gas powered pistols - only magazines designed for your gun will work, regardless of what they look like...parts can be slightly out of spec causing them not to fit, or not to work at all.

If you are unsure, the best thing to do is drop into a Hobby Airsoft store with your gun or magazine, and our staff will be able to point you in the right direction. If you can't make it to the store, you can get in touch with us and we will do our best to help however please note that unless we can see it in person it is difficult to guarantee a perfect fit.



Do I need to clean my airsoft gun?

Yes, and don't forget to wash behind your ears while you're at it!
Your airsoft gun functions best when it is free of any dust, dirt or grit, is properly lubricated and well looked after.
A dirty airsoft barrel increases the risk of bbs jamming, and decreases the accuracy of your shots. If dirt or grit gets into the hop up chamber it can tear the hop up rubber, which drastically reduces the power and kills your range. Giving your airsoft gun's barrel a clean after a day's gaming will keep your gear in tip top shape.

Before performing any maintenance on an airsoft gun please follow the instructions in your user manual, our troubleshooting guide or contact us for advice!



Can I use my airsoft gun in the mud, sand & water?

Airsoft guns are not ATV's, and will not respond well to foreign objects clogging up the works. They are mechanical devices, and function well enough to allow you to use them in reasonable conditions i.e. in the rain, forest etc on differing terrain. However they are not suited to be abused such as submerging in water, being dragged through the muck or being caked in sand.

You don't have to baby them, but at the same time they are not made to be abused. If you do drop the gun in mud, sand or water the best thing to do is to stop using it, clean the gun (in the case of sand & mud), and if it's severe then we recommend getting the gun serviced. Dirt and/or grit mixes with the grease, and causes additional strain on the gearbox whilst water washes out the grease causing the gearbox to run dry, as well as the trigger contacts sparking a little easier.



I have become attached to my airsoft gun, can I bring it on holidays?

It's natural to become attached to something as cool as your airsoft gun, and you may even start to suffer separation anxiety - we understand, we've been there! You may like to bring your airsoft gun abroad with you, but there are a couple of things to note.

Airsoft is not necessarily legal in all countries - it is imperative to ensure that it is legal in the area you're travelling to, and that your gun meets the requirements (e.g. Power, Colour, Fire mode restrictions etc). You also need to check with the carrier (airline, ferry company etc) to ensure that they will take RIF's (realistic imitation firearms) and adhere to their criteria i.e. you may need to have them in a dedicated lockable case, unloaded & partially disasembled.