ACM 100 round Speed Loader

ACM 100 round Speed Loader

Loading magazines is one of the most painstaking and annoying processes in airsoft - it's the longest time between you and getting to shoot! To help speed things up, the use of a BB loader comes in exceptionally handy. They work by containing a large number of BB's, and each pump releases 4 BB's. You can pump as fast as your thumb will let you, and that gets you out into the frey much quicker!

This particular loader is in the pistol magazine shape, allowing it to be stored in pistol mag pouches on vests, belt rigs etc. It holds an impressive 150rds, and with one push of the button you're ready to reload

We would recommend against leaving the plunger in the locked position, as this can weaken the spring and reduce the overall lifespan of the speed loader

Speed Loader Specification
Capacity 100
Shape Pistol Magazine
Colour Clear
Adapters Included
  • Brand: ACM
  • GFA-05-006314-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €7.00
  • Ex Tax: €7.00

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