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This six-shot revolver is manufactured by HFC, and is a gas powered revolver. As with all airsoft revolvers, it is non-blowback (i.e. there is no recoil). The benefit of this system is that you have a smaller gas reservoir, and since you only have to fire 6 BB's before you need to reload, you're always guaranteed to empty!

Revolvers are inherently cool - you have 6x faux bullets, and each bullet holds 1x BB in the rubber tip. You can load the shells/bullets without removing them, making it faster to get back up and running. You have a single action and double action trigger i.e. you do not have to manually pull the hammer back before each shot, but you can if you want to (for a lighter trigger pull).

Lightweight, and easy to use - you fill the reservoir with green gas (sold separately); hold the pistol upside down (along with the gas bottle) to line up the nozzle, and fill. It will take 10-15 seconds to fill

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Gas
Blowback Non-Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 6 BB's
Length 240mm
Weight 0.65kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Fixed
  • Brand: HFC
  • HG-132B
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