H&K JG G36C (JG0638)

New H&K JG G36C (JG0638)

Universally recognised as one of the most reliable out of the box AEG's for starting out, the G36C offers a lot from its relatively small package. It features a foldable stock, monolithic top-rail (20mm) for attaching any optional accessories such as optics etc, and a RIS rail on the bottom to facilitate a vertical grip, torch or laser. Internally the gun has a version 3 gearbox, which is arguably the most reliable design to date.

The motor sits securely in the motor cage, and is attached to the gearbox resulting in much less bouncing around. Connectors bouncing off through full auto fire is virtually nil.

Like the real steel, the JG G36C is constructed largely out of plastic in order to keep the weight down. The G36C is the shortest of the G36 family, featuring shorter handguard, barrel and also the removal of the integrated sight helps give the gun an overall lower profile.

In airsoft terms you have a 247mm barrel which is more than enough for both CQB and open field play, especially when combined with the folding stock allowing you to cut down the length of the gun in a matter of seconds!

This gun is truly one of the best AEG's for starting out; at €179.00 it doesn't break the bank, but what it does give you an adaptable platform to work with whether you plan on just plinking away in the back garden, or skirmishing in either close quarters or open fields, or both!

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 3
Length 50cm (folded), 71cm (extended)
Weight 2.1kg
Manufacturer Jing Gong
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 300
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v Mini
  • Brand: Jing Gong
  • JGW-01-000094-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €179.99
  • Ex Tax: €146.33

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