Keymod/M-LOK Rail Adapters (6pcs)

New Keymod/M-LOK Rail Adapters (6pcs)

One of the major benefits of the more modern style of handguards is that they're slim-line, allowing for a more ergonomic design, whilst still offering accessorising options.

One of the best accessories you can get is a set of RIS/RAS rail adapters - it might sound redundant, however it opens up the whole world of accessories to you. You don't need to worry about getting the right grip, and can re-use 20mm accessories you already own!

These rail adapters are compatible with both M-LOK and Keymod

This pack of rail adapters are constructed out of plastic, and have 6pcs of varying lengths, giving more than enough options (regardless of the gun they're going onto)!

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Rails & Accessories
Type RIS/RAS Rail
Suitable For Keymod
  • Brand: TMC
  • MP02013-BK
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  • €19.99
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