GATE Nova Trigger (2B1)

GATE Nova Trigger (2B1)

The Nova trigger has been specially designed by Gate to work with the Titan V2 unit. This M4 trigger allows for more precise control, and tighter adjustment to get the exact feel you want.

It has a built-in adjustment screw for pre-travel, allowing you to have it partially engaged, as well as an over-travel screw serving as a stop. This cuts down on the amount of unnecessary movement, allowing you to shoot faster.

This trigger is compatible with Gate Titan V2, but also standard AEG V2 gearboxes, HPA engines, and will work with the Gate ASTER (however you will not have the additional sensitivity - for this, you will need the Quantum trigger)

Upgrade Parts - Triggers & Assemblies
Gearbox Type Version 2
Suitable for Titan
  • Brand: Gate
  • NT-2B1-KM
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  • €29.99
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