PISTOL DEAL: Colt 1911 Rail Gun NBB (Hitman)

PISTOL DEAL: Colt 1911 Rail Gun NBB (Hitman)

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Includes officially licensed Colt 1911 Replica (Full Metal), Silencer, BB's and Co2!


The Colt 1911 is one of the most famous pistols around, used by Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world due to its exceptional design. It is also a pistol favoured by Hollywood heroes, from Steven Segal's many pony-tailed heroes, to Sylvester Stallone's anti-heroes...any many more. It's just one of those guns that's everywhere you look.

As the name suggests, it was created in 1911, and is still in use today. As you can imagine there have been quite a few tweaks over that time, though the core of the gun has remained the same. Virtually every real steel manufacturer is making their own rendition of a 1911. Some of the differences will be changing the calibre, altering the grip profile (making it wider/slimmer), extending slide catches, ambidextrous safeties and adjusting trigger pull etc.

If you're looking for a practical and economic side-arm, or just a gun you can plink away with in the comfort of your own home, this is the gun for you

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2
Blowback Non-Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Length 220mm
Weight 842g
Colour Black
Pistol Magazine Specification
Capacity 15 bb
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