Maple Leaf Hop Upgrade (Pistol)

Maple Leaf Hop Upgrade (Pistol)

Upgrading the hop up rubber of your gun can have a drastic effect on your range and consistency; a soft hop up rubber will give you better lift, whilst a thicker hop up rubber will be more consistent. Pistols are no exception to this, although they are the most forgotten gun type when it comes to upgrades.

Due to the barrel window design (i.e. cut out style), R-Hops are not something you typically come across for pistols. The next best thing, however, is fitting a Maple Leaf hop up rubber. They give superior lift to your BB's, apply more backspin, and in general are more consistent.

Once installed, you will need to use a minimum of 0.25g (if not heavier)

This service includes the Maple Leaf hop up rubber, and the labour for fitting to your pistol.

Please note that not all pistols are compatible. It must be TM-Spec (i.e. WE, Raven, Vorsk, Army Armament, KJW, Tokyo Marui, Tercel etc.) - they will not work with KWA, KSC, Western Arms, KWC, Marushin or Maruzen

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