SPECIAL OFFER: Umarex Cowboy Rifle

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You get the Umarex Legends Marlin Lever Action Rifle, 10x Spare Bullets (Shells), Co2 & Ammo!

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NB: Please note that this is the antique finish version; it is NOT silver, and is darker than it appears in photos due to lighting conditions

When is a Winchester not a Winchester? When it's a Marlin! Either way, it's a Cowboy rifle, iconic from Westerns through the years!

The Marlin 1894 Lever-action rifle, also known as the cowboy rifle, is iconic - separating this rifle from every image of Western movies is almost impossible. It's just a feature of the lever action style! Standing your ground, pumping out round after round, and thanks to this bundle deal including spare shells, you can do the same!

You get more than enough BB's, and Co2 to power this realistic beast! Load 1x BB per shell, slide the shells into the side, and take aim! With this bundle deal you get 10x shells with the gun, and another 10x spare!

Manufactured by Umarex, this rifle is constructed out of metal and plastic, and is Co2 powered. This gives you a realistic feeling lever action, as the Co2 takes care of the power. The lever action loads one shell, and ejects the other!

Each rifle comes with 10x shells, and each shell holds 1x BB. To load it up, push the shells into the loading area at the side, and once they're inside the gun's internal magazine, the lever action will load the next shell.

Co2 is stored in the stock of the rifle

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Gas Rifle Specification
Manufacturer Umarex
Gas Type Co2
Mag Capacity 10
Blowback No
Length 960mm
Weight 2.596kg
  • Brand: Umarex
  • SF_2.6388
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €368.00
  • €325.00
  • Ex Tax: €325.00

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