SPECIAL OFFER: Ultimate Cowboy Bundle (SAA & Lever-Action)

New -19% SPECIAL OFFER: Ultimate Cowboy Bundle (SAA & Lever-Action)

Fan of Westerns? Who isn't?!

Now you get to enjoy them in a whole new way - with you as the central character! Unleash your inner cowboy with our Ultimate Cowboy Special!

Includes Umarex Marlin Lever Action Rifle, Single Action Army Revolver, 16x Spare Shells, Co2 and BB's! Everything you need to defend the ranch (or become the new Law Man)

Best of all, you save BIG! Over €100 with this package deal - only €439.99!

Full skirmish cowboy set - harnessing the awesome power of Co2! Lever Action shell ejecting western rifle as your primary, and a cool six-shooter that won the west as your back up! With this package you have a full set of spare shells for your rifle & pistol - fed from the same "bullet", you decide how to use them!

This set from Umarex combines the awesomeness of airsoft and western guns, giving you the best of all worlds! The shells are cross compatible, so you can have a pocket-full ready to go, and considering you have 16x spare shells included (giving you a total of 32 shots), you're ready to take on the world...for a limited amount of time...before you run out. But damn, will you look cool for that brief moment. The brightest flames burn for the shortest times!

Both guns are Co2 powered, giving great performance year-round, and both operate authentically. The actions are smooth whilst retaining the awesome mechanical feel. You'll never want to put them down...until the weight gets too much, because part of that authenticity is build quality. They're weighty! Constructed out of metal, they feel extremely realistic.

The revolver is modelled after the Colt Single Action Army Peacemaker, and is a beautiful piece. Loading via the side door, you pull the hammer to half-cock and slide the shells in, rotating the cylinder for the next shot. There is a satisfying clank with each turn, and for removal it even features a functioning extractor! You load BB's into the rear of the shell, allowing you to reload without removing the shells, but where's the fun in that?! Especially given you have spares with this package - use the built-in extractor, and hear them clink to the floor (just make sure you can find them)!

The Lever Action rifle (you'd be forgiven for calling it a Winchester...considering they are the most famous, however this is modelled after the Marlin version) is also side loading, and holds 10x shells. Each time you use the lever action, it will eject the previous shell, and load the next. It will also make an extremely satisfying noise - the action is superb! Please note, the action on these requires a healthy amount of vigour - you really pump it, and you'll love every second of it!

Gas Rifle Specification
Manufacturer Umarex
Gas Type Co2
Mag Capacity 10 (Marlin) / 6 (SAA)
Blowback No
Length 960mm (Marlin)
Weight 2.596kg (Marlin)
  • Brand: Umarex
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €543.00
  • €439.99
  • Ex Tax: €439.99

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