Specna Arms S02 M40A3 (OD)

Specna Arms S02 M40A3 (OD)

One of the staples of airsoft is the sniper, and what's a sniper without their rifle? Not very effective!

This rifle is manufactured by Specna Arms, featuring their superb reinforced polymer for the body, which provides heft, durability, and a true real-steel feel. Modelled after the M40A3 from MacMillan, this replica includes everything you need to start sniping; gun, 3x magazines, scope, and bipod!

The magazines each hold 20 BB's, which at first may seem limiting, but given that you have three to work with more than makes up for it. Besides, if you're burning through more BB's than that, it's probably a hint to spend more time zeroing your scope. Speaking of which, this package includes a superb 3-9 x 32 adjustable scope - you can toggle the zoom anywhere from 3x up to 9x. Practically this means you are affecting your field of view (further the zoom, the narrower your field of view), and after about 4x zoom you're effectively seeing further than your BB can travel. Still, it's nice to have the option, affording you the ability to operate as a scout for your team.

The scope's build quality is nice - metal body, with decent grade glass providing solid optical clarity. As the objective lens is only 32mm, the amount of light entering the scope is limited (more noticeable at higher magnification). You can adjust your sight for windage and elevation by removing the caps, however as the caps are constructed out of plastic you will need to use a screwdriver to adjust your sight in the field.

Also included is a Harris-style bipod, which not only looks the part, but is arguably the most practical design for sniping. Compact, and quick to deploy, it affords a steady platform allowing you to sight your target with greater ease!

As this model is based off the MacMillan M40A3, it features an adjustable cheek piece, ensuring maximum comfort when shooting.

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Sniper Rifle Specification
Weight3.245 kg
Power< 1 J
Fire ModeBolt Action; Single Shot
Power SourceSpring
Mag Capacity20 BB's
  • Brand: Specna Arms
  • Product Code: SPE-03-026053-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €245.00

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