STTi M9 Carbine Kit

New STTi M9 Carbine Kit

Compatible with M9 (rail-less) and M9A1 (20mm tactical rail) pistols, this carbine kit transforms your pistol into a formidable SMG platform.

Installing the carbine kit is simple - attach the adapter to your M9 pistol, and slot it into position, with a single allen screw holding the pistol in place. This makes it extremely fast to take your pistol out of the kit, in case you want to use it as a pistol instead.

Carbine kits are a great accessory for your pistols, as they open the world of accessories up to you. You have a monolithic top rail for any optics setup you can think of, side rails for flashlights/lasers/etc, and a bottom rail for grips etc. The stock is extendable/collapsible, giving you a stable platform to shoot from.

One of the nice parts of this kit is that it is compatible with silencers, in case you want to run your M9 with a silencer attached. The kit does not include a pistol or silencer - these are show for illustrative purposes only.

The rear of the kit has a QD mount area built-in for sling swivel studs, and the front has a clip-in area for slings - both are ambidextrous.

Grips & Bipod
Type M9 Conversion Kit
Mount Type 20mm Rail
Colour Black
  • Brand: STTi
  • ST-0923R-B
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  • €129.99
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