Gate Titan Basic V2 (Rear Wired)

Gate Titan Basic V2 (Rear Wired)

Gate's TITAN trigger system is more than a simple MOSFET - it is a complete overhaul of the traditional trigger system inside an AEG. No more microswitches, and no more trigger contacts - instead you get something different. An optical trigger, that has virtually no wear and tear, for supreme reliability.

With the Gate Titan, you can tweak the sensitivity of your trigger like never before - get the feel just right! You can override the default fire-mode selection, and instead implement burst fire etc.

Of course, there are some normal "nice to have" features baked in as well - low battery warning, and battery protection.

If you plan on playing as a sniper or DMR, there are two features you will love; pre-cocking, and sniper delay. Get near instant trigger response, and enhanced realism!

The Gate Titan is an impressive piece of kit - although you can programme it via trigger pulls, to get the most out of it you would really want to use the USB link (sold separately), or Blu Link (included) to connect to your phone/computer. Once connected, you have full control over the unit.

  • Adjust the trigger sensitivity (i.e. at what point the gun fires) thanks to the 5x optical sensors
  • Change up your fire select modes (safe-semi-auto, safe-semi-burst, safe-burst-auto, or even semi-burst-auto)
  • Adjustable pre-cocking
  • Adjustable Rate of Fire (reduce ROF to something more realistic)
  • Two-stage trigger (similar to AUG)
  • Smart Trigger (used with ROF control; retain fast trigger response for the first shot, but keep the realism)
  • Sniper Delay (simulated reloading/recoil compensation - a set time between shots to make your rifle feel more realistic)
  • Active Braking

If all of that seems a bit too much to process, this is why the Gate Control Station App is so good - you can see it all in an easy-to-understand layout, and adjusting it takes only a minute!

Also compatible with the Titan Programming Card

Upgrade Parts - Triggers & Assemblies
Gearbox Type V2
Suitable for M4/M16
Wires Included Yes
  • Brand: Gate
  • TTN2-BMR2
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