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Helikon Camp Kettle

This simple bush craft kettle is made out of hard anodized aluminum that is lightweight but also ver..

Ex Tax: €35.00

Helikon Camping Cutlery (Set)

Four- piece KFS set is made of high quality electropolished stainless steel. Its made referred to th..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Helikon Field Towel

Made of microfiber, Field Towel is five times lighter than a regular towel. This fast drying and ext..

Ex Tax: €17.00

Helikon Magnesium Fire Starter

Reliable in all weather conditions, flint and magnesium firestarter, used by the U.S. Army. Magnesiu..

Ex Tax: €15.00

Helikon Mess Tin (Stainless Steel)

Three-pieces mess tin which consists of: 1 liter (15 cm in diameter ) and 0.7 liters (13 cm in diam..

Ex Tax: €21.00

Helikon Scout Fire Starter

Easy to use fire starter - just rub the surface to create many sparks burning at almost 1600°C. Ove..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Helikon Supertarp

We have created a universal shelter cape for bivouac-goers. 19 attachment points provides for about ..

Ex Tax: €49.00

Helikon Vagabond Seat Cover (Foldable)

When you're out and about, sometimes you just want to take a break. Plonking down on the cold damp a..

Ex Tax: €16.00

Kombat UK Cyclone Stove

Fast-boiling on the go, with the Kombat UK Cyclone! This compact cooking solution offers creature co..

Ex Tax: €70.00

Morakniv Basic 511

The solid finger guard optimizes safety and the new, larger-shaped handle makes the knife sit even b..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Morakniv Basic 511 2022 Edition

Morakniv made a name for themselves for great quality knives at an affordable price, pushing them to..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Morakniv Camping Axe

Manufactured by Morakniv, the Camping Axe does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a compact easy..

Ex Tax: €55.00

Morakniv Chisel

Morakniv Chisel is an easier and lighter version of a chisel. It is simple to keep in your belt for ..

Ex Tax: €14.00

Morakniv Companion (Stainless)

Companion is used in a huge variety of situations by a range of users. Blade made of stainless steel..

Ex Tax: €15.00

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty (Carbon)

Manufactured by Morakniv, the Companion Heavy Duty is a stronger thicker blade than its Companion na..

Ex Tax: €18.00