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Anodised Cookset -10%

Anodised Cookset

Manufactured by Kombat UK, this camping cookset is compact, and ideal for both the field, or out hik..

€19.00 €17.10
Ex Tax: €17.10
Elite Fire Starter -10%

Elite Fire Starter

Manufactured by Kombat UK, the elite fire starter is designed to be compact, ultra-utility, and read..

€10.00 €9.00
Ex Tax: €9.00
Elite Force EF166 Folding Knife -10%

Elite Force EF166 Folding Knife

The Elite Force EF166 is a compact everyday carry folding knife, constructed out of 440A steel, fini..

€17.00 €15.30
Ex Tax: €15.30
Helikon Camp Cup -10%

Helikon Camp Cup

Large hard anodized aluminum cup that holds 0,85 liter. Works well with both gas fuel burners and op..

€25.00 €22.50
Ex Tax: €22.50
Helikon Camp Kettle -10%

Helikon Camp Kettle

This simple bush craft kettle is made out of hard anodized aluminum that is lightweight but also ver..

€35.00 €31.50
Ex Tax: €31.50
Helikon Camping Cutlery (Set) -33%

Helikon Camping Cutlery (Set)

Four- piece KFS set is made of high quality electropolished stainless steel. Its made referred to th..

€12.00 €8.10
Ex Tax: €8.10
Helikon Field Towel -10%

Helikon Field Towel

Made of microfiber, Field Towel is five times lighter than a regular towel. This fast drying and ext..

€17.00 €15.30
Ex Tax: €15.30
Helikon Scout Fire Starter -10%

Helikon Scout Fire Starter

Easy to use fire starter - just rub the surface to create many sparks burning at almost 1600°C. Ove..

€9.00 €8.10
Ex Tax: €8.10
Helikon Supertarp -10%

Helikon Supertarp

We have created a universal shelter cape for bivouac-goers. 19 attachment points provides for about ..

€65.00 €58.50
Ex Tax: €58.50
Helikon Supertarp (Small) -10%

Helikon Supertarp (Small)

Shelter is critical out in the wilderness, and having the capability to get covered fast is ideal, e..

€39.99 €35.99
Ex Tax: €35.99
Helikon Thermo Cup -19%

Helikon Thermo Cup

With vacuum-insulated double walls and the tight lid, cup keeps drinks warm, even in very cold condi..

€10.00 €8.10
Ex Tax: €8.10
Kombat UK Commando Compact Stove -10%

Kombat UK Commando Compact Stove

Having the ability to cook on the go when out camping or hiking is extremely important. Manufactured..

€21.00 €18.90
Ex Tax: €18.90
Kombat UK Cyclone Stove -10%

Kombat UK Cyclone Stove

Fast-boiling on the go, with the Kombat UK Cyclone! This compact cooking solution offers creature co..

€99.00 €89.10
Ex Tax: €89.10
Kombat UK Elite Gator Lock Knife (Folding) (BK) -25%

Kombat UK Elite Gator Lock Knife (Folding) (BK)

The Kombat UK Gator folding lock knife is constructed out of steel, and comes in at 7cm for the blad..

€12.00 €9.00
Ex Tax: €9.00
Kombat UK Emergency Foil Blanket -10%

Kombat UK Emergency Foil Blanket

Staying warm when things take an unexpected turn is key to survival - this foil blanket could be the..

€5.00 €4.50
Ex Tax: €4.50