US Woodland Boonie

US Woodland Boonie


One of the biggest advantages of the boonie/jungle hat over the likes of the baseball cap etc is that it more effectively breaks up the human shape, allowing the wearer to stay a little more innocuous and out of sight. Anything that disrupts the man-shape patter is a huge advantage in concealment. Combined with a good camouflage pattern, and you can stay undetected for much longer.

Manufactured by Mil-Tec out of ripstop coton, this hat is in the US Woodland pattern. The hat has loops around the circumference to facilitate any additions such as the traditional US GI garb of lighters etc. To avoid coming off your head unexpectedly there is a securing chin strap, which makes life a lot easier as you can simply tip the hat off to the rear to get it away for a while, instead of having to fumble with pouches for storage.

The boonie/jungle hat also serves to keep the sun off of your face quite effectively, as well as off the back of your neck alieviating a lot of the discomfort of the unexpectedly sunny days. Please note that sizes are a little strange - L is closer to a small, XL is about a Medium and XXL is a Large. 


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