Balaclava (Black)

Balaclava (Black)



If you were to stop 100 people on the street and ask them their thoughts on being shot in the face, you'd be guaranteed to be told it would be most unpleasant. Given that, it stands to reason that lowering the discomfort felt is definitely a good idea, especially when getting shot in the face is a possibility.

Enter the humble balaclava! The balaclava is a non-invasive way of offering protection to your handsome face - it does this by keeping your face warm, and by providing a layer of fabric as protection. The fabric absorbs some of the energy of the BB effectively taking the sting out of it. They are also used as a comforter for other forms of face protection, e.g. lower mesh masks, as it is more comfortable to have a layer of fabric between your face and metal.

This particular balaclava is a single-hole version, and is made out of a cotton and spandex for a more comfortable fit. It is nice and thin, so you don't feel like you are breathing through a sports sock, which is always one wants that. Manufactured by Helikon, it is the same high quality you have come to expect. It is one size fits all, so just pull it over your head & away you go!

  • Brand: Helikon
  • Product Code: CZ-KO1-CO-01
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  • €10.00

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