Kids Clothing

Kids Clothing
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Kombat UK Kids Assault Vest

Kombat UK kids Assault Tactical Vest - constructed out of durable 600D Tac-Poly, with plenty of pock..

Ex Tax: €29.00

Kids Army Combo Set

Each set includes:1x Round-neck Camo T-Shirt (100% Cotton)1x Camo Combat Trousers (Polycotton Ripsto..

Ex Tax: €69.99

Kids ATP T-Shirt

ATP/Multicam camouflage polycotton kids t-shirt..

Ex Tax: €10.00

Kids Combat Trousers

ATP/Multicam camouflage trousers for kids. Please note these do not come with drawstrings on an ankl..

Ex Tax: €19.99

Kids Flight Suit

RAF style flight suit - olive drag. Large central zipper, with 1x zip pocket on the arm, and pencil/..

Ex Tax: €35.00

Kids Ghillie Suit (Woodland)

Ghillie suits are designed as the next step up in camouflage - more effectively disguise your profil..

Ex Tax: €50.00

Kids M1 Tactical Helmet

This fully adjustable helmet is suitable for kids. Constructed out of lightweight plastic, it includ..

Ex Tax: €15.00

Kids Safari Jacket

Army Jacket manufactured by Kombat UK - constructed out of durable materials, and helps to keep them..

Ex Tax: €29.00

Kombat UK Baseball Cap (Kids)

Military style baseball cap, designed to keep the sun out of your eyes, and off your face. Gain the ..

Ex Tax: €5.01