Taurus PT92 HPA (spring pistol)

Out Of Stock Taurus PT92 HPA (spring pistol)

The M9-type pistol is considered one of the most beautiful designs of gun on the market today. It is of no surprise that it is Italian in origin - they make things that look superb! Favoured by the US Military, and used by many Law Enforcement agencies around the world, and if it's good enough for Martin Riggs & John McClane, then it's good enough for you!

Forjas Taurus bought an old Beretta factory in Brazil, and with it all of the old designs (and staff to boot), so built their version of the M92; Taurus PT92. It is the older design of M9 - frame-mounted safety, different grips, old-style trigger guard etc. The frame mounted safety is the preference of many due to its similarity to the 1911, which most people have held/shot so it is quite familiar.

This particular pistol is a spring powered model, requiring you to manually pull back the slide to load a BB, and ready the gun to fire. The magazine holds 12 BB's, and it is very important to never re-use BB's (or use cheap/poor quality ammunition) as it will damage and break your gun. We would strongly recommend the use of a speed loader, as it drastically reduces the time taken to load up your magazine. This gun will shoot around 10-15 meters, and is best suited for target practise. It is not recommended for skirmishing.

Spring Pistol Specification
Mag Capacity12rds
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